Chiropractic Testimonials

“In 1994, I had surgery on my knee.  Dr. Gary Pfaff and Dr. Gabbert both worked on me then.  I went to Dr. Pfaff for awhile, then came to Dr. Gabbert.  He has been doing a magnificent job!  For my age, I am doing awesome!  I feel that most medical doctors try to mask pain.  I firmly believe in chiropractic, which finds the source of the problem.”

- R.D.

“Dr. Gabbert and I have a mutual friend, Dr. Gary Pfaff, who also is a chiropractor.  At one point, Tracy was training with Dr. Pfaff.  Tracy and his family later settled in Glendive.  My family and I moved to Glendive in 1991.  Because of the respect I have for Dr. Gary Pfaff, and because Dr. Tracy and I had this friendship in common, it seemed like a no-brainer to continue my chiropractic care with Dr. Tracy.  I have done very well under his care.”

- Don I.

“In December of 1994, I had a back-right shoulder pulled out of place while I was closing the back door of a delivery truck in strong wind.  Dr. Gabbert corrected my problem.

In May of 1997, I had a bad fall from a ladder while trimming a tree.  I fell approximately 12 feet and struck my back on the top of a chain-link fence.  I dislocated 4 vertebrae in the center of my back, and also dislocated my right shoulder.

The medical doctor and G.M.C. recommended I go to Billings and see a spinal surgeon.  I returned to Dr. Gabbert instead, and he was able to correct my injuries without surgery!”

- Dave B.

“I had two very difficult pregnancies.  Being referred to Dr. Tracy was a miracle.  The third pregnancy after 6 months of chiropractic magic was a breeze and the delivery was not traumatic.  The baby came home but wouldn’t-or couldn’t- sleep.  Tracy adjusted his neck and the baby slept 12 hours and never had a problem sleeping after that.

We were gone from Glendive for 25 years.  But as soon as we got back, Dr. Tracy’s was the first place I headed.

Thanks, Dr. Tracy.  Your love for others shines brightly.”

- I.J.K.

“Community seems to be a word that sums up our coming to Dr. Gabbert.  We believe that caring for our spines is vital to the flow of information in our bodies, resulting in good health.

Since Dr. Gabbert was conveniently located in Glendive, we decided to stop driving out of town for chiropractic treatments.  We also appreciate his involvement in community activities.

After R.R. had a brain aneurysm, we appreciated his extra attention to getting the information to flow to the left side.”

- A.R. and R.R.

“I have gone to chiropractors most of my adult life when needed.  The chiropractor I went to in Glendive when I moved there in the late 1970’s died.  Someway, I found Dr. Gabbert.  From that time on, I depended on him to take care of me when I had a problem.

In 2000, I moved to Sidney.  After a couple of years, I had need for a chiropractor and picked a local one out of the phone book.  I went to him for several years for regular treatments, but was not happy with the results.  After a fall last February, I went to him for treatment and he didn’t do me any good.  So, I ended up going to a chiropractor in Williston, ND, who, in only one adjustment relieved my pain.

After that, a friend of mine told me Dr. Gabbert comes twice a month to Sidney.  I immediately contacted Dr. Gabbert and am more that happy to say he has treated me every two weeks for whatever bothers me at the time.

At 92 years old, I need a lot of help to keep everything where it’s supposed to be, and keep it there.

All I have to say is God Bless Dr. Gabbert!”

- Florence S.

“I am a patient hard to work up – LOTS of ups and downs.  So, THANK YOU, Dr. Tracy, for helping me stay active.”

- B.B.

“BACK PAIN – I could not walk for more than half a block without sitting down and resting.  I probably will never be completely healed, but most of the time, thanks to Dr. Gabbert, I am pain free.”

- C.P.

“I started coming to Dr. Tracy over 20 years ago due to neck problems, headaches, back, hip, leg, and feet problems.  I faithfully had my treatments on a regular basis throughout the years.  I can’t remember the last time I’ve had a headache.  He has healed my back, hips, and leg pain, and has improved the pain in my feet.  I firmly believe in Chiropractic by Dr. Tracy.”

- Emma B.

“How we came to know Dr. Tracy: our 3 year old daughter was sick, and I missed work to care for her.  She had been on a nebulizer, got well, then got sick AGAIN, and was about to be put on a steroid for her lungs.  Thank God, I worked with Dr. Tracy’s wife, Cindy.  Dr. Tracy called me and asked if he could help.  If I would bring her in so he could look at her and see if there was anything he could do for her to help.  I was a scared young mom, and unsure of Chiropractic care.  Both Dr. Tracy and Cindy sat down with me and explained how Chiropractic care works.  They both assured me and put me at ease.  This was almost 11 years ago, and Dr. Tracy has continued to care for my entire family since (Our 3 kids, now teens, my husband & I.)  Our children have not been on antibiotics since.  If we get ill, we simply go to Dr. Tracy for an adjustment.  Dr. Tracy has also continued to treat my husband following a serious farm accident in 2011.  Nathan suffered a Traumatic Brain injury & multiple fractures in his neck and back.  Dr. Tracy is more than a Chiropractor, he has become a friend.  He not only treats his patients, he cares.  A very heartfelt thank-you, Dr. Tracy, for your dedication to make the world a better, healthier place…one adjustment at a time.”

- Tricia L.

“I first came to Dr. Gabbert’s office when my husband hurt his back at work (Dr. Gabbert helped him GREATLY!). At the time, I viewed Chiropractors as practitioners who kept expecting patients to come back again and again so they could make more money off of people.  However, I have LONG SINCE been proven wonderfully wrong on the account!

My children and I began care not long after my husband.  My oldest, who is now 14, had terrible asthma.  She usually had to use a nebulizer and go to the doctor several times each Fall and Spring.  I’m happy to say that Chiropractic has helped her tremendously.  She only takes an inhaler when necessary, and we hope to lessen that even more when we find vitamin supplements that work for her.

My youngest, who is now 12, had ear aches and infections almost every Winter.  She even had an ear drum burst once because it was so bad.  Medical doctors just put her on antibiotics, which I’ve learned only weaken the immune system and can cause other serious health issues.  After receiving Chiropractic care, she no longer has trouble with her ears.  If she does begin to have an ear ache, I bring her right in to Dr. Gabbert and it is taken care of immediately.

My family and I are so grateful to Dr. Gabbert for his amazing generosity, wisdom, and care.

Thank you Dr. Gabbert!  God bless and keep you.”

- K.B.

“I am fortunate to be able to have Dr. Gabbert’s services.  I believe that keeping my spine aligned will benefit my well-being.  Thank you, Dr. Tracy.”

- F.L.

“Doc, I want to than you for your patience.  You have helped me to understand how the body works.  Things are not always as they seem to be.  It is nice to talk to someone who listens to what I have to say.  And also where I am hurting.  I am confident that I will get better and better!  Thank you for being there.”

- Arlene K.

“I met Dr. Gabbert in the eighty’s, having had a ranch accident, had been to medical doctor’s and not improving.  Had x-rays, and after consultation a plan was put into place for recovery.  Since that time, for an accident or any other health problems, my FIRST call is to Dr. Gabbert.  Since moving, I have tried other chiropractors due to distance, to no avail, returning to Dr. Gabbert.  Regular visits to Dr. Gabbert have great benefits in keeping you healthy and fit.  Dr. Gabbert has a concern for all his patients’ well-being. Thank you.”

- Russ L.

“I write this as a testament to the Christ-honoring work of Dr. Tracy Gabbert.  He is the epitome of the Chiropractic Oath.

Following several years of no access to health care under the shadow of chronic disorders that threatened my ability to be self-supporting, Dr. Tracy made it possible for me to access his services which were otherwise beyond my means.  In essence, he kept the promise of the Chiropractic Oath to keep the physical needs of the sick as hi foremost duty.  His triage and on-going maintenance care have kept me healthy enough to continue to work and contribute to society.  His care for me, both during scheduled and emergency appointments has truly shown his commitment to standing at all times ready to serve his fellow man…preventing and alleviating human suffering.  He is a thoughtful practitioner, quick to listen, slow to speak, and cautious.  As we have progressed through my treatment, he is humble, seeks out answers to questions regarding my condition from other practitioners, and share the knowledge he finds.

Even during times when my treatment has taken a slower pace of improvement than I might like, Dr. Tracy has been an encourager.  From the literature throughout the office to inspirations music on the speaker system, to the personalized stories he tells, Dr. Tracy gives me hope weekly that continued treatment will eventually lead to a recovered body and in the meantime, he provides inspiration to follow through with his recommendations toward the next visit.  When I leave his office at times when immediate relief has not occurred, my spirits are lifted knowing that healing in in process.

Dr. Tracy has allowed God to direct the skillful use of his hands to bring strength to me as a patient; relief, even if it is not yet permanent, to my suffering and discomfort – and peace of mind that healing IS possible.  Most certainly, Dr. Tracy brings inspiration by his words and life example for me to continue to strive for bountiful health.

I will forever be grateful to Dr. Tracy for taking me on as a patient and providing health care which is otherwise inaccessible to me in my town of Glendive, Montana.  My life and health have been extended and enriched because of his care.”

- Emily B.

“Thank you so much for everything you’ve done for our family.  We have all grown to love coming in for adjustments because we believe you truly care about us.  It’s hard to find caregivers who really care about those in their care.  But we know that you go the extra mile for us.

Through the years you have shown your dedication to us by showing up after hours and spending extra time when you would’ve liked to be home.  We know you have sacrificed for us and we truly appreciate it.

Thank you for your willingness to work with our finances as well.  We have never felt you place guilt on us for our situation but instead you have shown grace and understanding.

We also value the encouragement you share and the excitement for life you show.  Our world is filled with negativity and its easy to succumb to those influences but you shine hope into the world.  Our spirits are lifted with every visit.

Overall, Doctor, we value you in our family and trust you greatly.  Thank you so much for the bottom of our hearts.”

- Brendan and Caroline V.

“My Chiropractic Story:  On the advice of a friend, I started seeing Dr. Tracy a couple years ago.  When I first arrived at his office, I was not in the best of shape osteopathically.  I was still recovering from a severe femur fracture and a recent bout with a blood infection that almost took my life.  I started seeing him because of a sharp pain in my shoulder blades and continued to receive regular adjustments based on his system of test and x-rays.  Being over a half century old, my bones and nerves were accustomed to a life of “treat the pain when it is painful” and I took no account of preventative chiropractic care.  I thought I would give regular adjustments a try.  The progress has been slow, but my shoulder pain did heal faster than it did in my 30’s.  I continue to receive weekly adjustments and am pleased with the results.  Though I still have aches and pains like normal folks, I notice subtle changes in my life that reflect better care of my nervous system.  It is noticeably easier to get up from a seated position.  I am less stressed by the day’s normal activities.  The chronic foot and back pains have subsided considerably and I enjoy some very pleasant conversation with the good doctor.  I am glad to have such an expert in subluxations in our community.  Dr. Tracy is a pleasant addition to my Wednesday morning routine and I believe I am in better shape now that I was in my 30’s because I include healthier choices in my life.  One of those healthy choices in regular Chiropractic care.  Thank you, Dr. Tracy.”

- Fr. Francis S.


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